img_8959Mesotherapy is a non surgical aesthetic treatment which small quantity of some medications such as

vitamins,amino acids, minerals, proteins, anti oxidants &…… are injected into various levels of the skin

depending on the type of treatment.

Mesotherapy is used for many conditions including wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, hair loss, pigmentary lesions, …..


The number of treatment sessions depends on the type of the problem and severity. the sessions usually take place

every 7 to 15 days and between 4 to a maximum of 20 sessions are necessary to achieve good results.


  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Insulin Dependent Diabetes
  • Recent Cancer
  • Use of Blood Thinner
  • Use of multiple heart medications
  • History of any Heart Disease
  • History of Stroke

Side effect:

  • Itching, burning or swelling which subsides within one hour after treatment
  • Allergic reaction
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