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   Razi Laser & Cosmetic Center      is committed to providing you with the best services and results.

At Razi Laser & Cosmetic Center we believe that our valued clients not only deserve the best services with a relaxing, friendly and hygienic clinic atmosphere but also they most importantly deserve top of the range technologies and products at affordable prices. 

Our team is extensively trained and adhere to the utmost duty of care, so you can rest assure your experience at our skin laser and cosmetic center in Toronto will be one that you won’t forget.

Professional Laser & Cosmetic Services

About Razi Laser Clinic

Razi  Laser and Cosmetic center has been set up in Toronto in 2014 by Tayebeh Movahedi, with Iranian certification in dermatology field. This center will offer to people the skin care and beauty jobs with advanced laser machine Elite+ cynosure from the USA with Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd: YAG(1064nm) lasers which are effective for Hair removal, Vein treatment and Rejuvenation and treatment of Pigmented Lesions.
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